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Nizoral is an antimycotic antibiotic. It is used to treat infections caused by fungus.

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Manual for shampoo claims that this cleanser is an antifungal drug outdoor use. In appearance is a red-orange liquid with a pleasant odor. As the main active substance ketoconazole is present in a concentration of 2% (20 mg per 1 g of composition).

In the process of using Nizoral shampoo accelerates the cure of skin diseases of the head, which appeared due to the increased activity of fungi. The systematic application of the tools facilitates their symptoms:

itching of the scalp,

peeling of skin flakes,

pigmentation of the skin of the head and neck.

According to the instructions, indications for the use of shampoo as treatment and prevention lists:

pityriasis versicolor,


seborrheic dermatitis.

About side effects

Shampoo is contraindicated only in one case – with increased individual sensitivity to the components of its composition.

The risk of allergic reactions is very small. Sometimes you may develop Allergy symptoms as:

skin rash,


difficulty breathing,

swelling throat, lips or tongue,


The treatment process is simple. On the scalp and wet hair, apply shampoo in small amounts. To do a soft massage movement. To hold the composition within five minutes. Then wash your hair and how to wash out hair warm water.

Active components of drug will have a therapeutic effect at regular use. The duration of treatment, doses are determined by the concentration means. All this is described in the instructions on the package.