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Retin-A is prescribed for acne vulgaris and keratosis pilaris treatment.

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General information
Retin-A has as active component Tretinoin. It's the acidity type of vit a. The medication could be recommended to treat acne vulgaris and keratosis pilaris.
It's suggested to use the medication on clean dry face staying away from inflammed skin. Note please, it might take 6-9 days to determine the result.
Be cautious using the cream steer clear of the areas around eyes and lips. Older people could be more responsive to Retin-A. Before beginning your treatment inform your physician for those who have eczema or excessive sensitivity towards the sun. Tell your physician if you're pregnant or breast-feed.
Advisable limitations
Patients with hypersensitivity to Retin-A can't make use of the medicine.
Possible unwanted effects
Unwanted effects could possibly be the following: redness, scaling, itchiness, and burning. Serious unwanted effects are unlikely to happen. If you see any side-effect unlisted above please speak to your physician at the same time.
Drug interactions
Retin-A can communicate with the next medications: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acidity, tetracycline, sulfa drugs.
Skipped dose
Go ahead and take skipped dose as quickly as possible. If it's almost duration of the following intake just skip it and return to your schedule.
If you feel you've overdosed the medication seek emergency medical help at the same time. The overdose signs and symptoms are chest discomfort, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and feeling light-headed or fainting.
Keep medicine at 70 degrees between 68-77 levels F (20-25 levels C) from light and moisture. Don't store your drugs within the bathroom. Keep all drugs from achieve of kids and pets.
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