Theo-24 Sr

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Theo-24 Sr is a bronchodilator effective against chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases such as asthma, pulmonary emphysema, and bronchitis. It relaxes bronchial smooth muscle, promotes heart muscle contractility and efficiency. It increases heart rate, blood pressure, and renal blood flow.

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General information
Theo-24 Sr is definitely an dental medication accustomed to cause dilation from the bronchial tubes by relaxing bronchial muscle. It's a potent bronchodilator effective against chronic obstructive lung illnesses for example bronchial asthma, lung emphysema, and bronchitis. Theophylline is comparable to caffeine helping to unwind bronchial smooth muscle it encourages heart muscle contractility and efficiency it modifies the pressure/speed of muscles contraction, increases heartbeat, bloodstream pressure, and kidney bloodstream flow.
Take medicines just as your physician has recommended it. You have to carefully follow all directions. Avoid exceeding your dose or using the medication more than it had been advised. Medicines isn't chewed, crushed or damaged while taking, which means you must swallow it whole having a full glass water or milk. The suggested dose for grown ups covers one 150-milligram pills taken every 12 hrs. Maximally tolerated dosage is 600 mg taken each day. Children from 6 to 16 years age make use of this medication provided the correct dosage is carefully calculated concerning the child's bodyweight.
Inform all doctors, dental practitioners and pharmacy technician you visit that you're using this medication. Just in case you're going to begin taking new medicines, inform your physician or pharmacist that you're already taking Theo-24 Sr. Medicines is recommended very carefully just in case your anamnesis includes diabetes, thyrotoxicosis (overactivity from the thyroid), hypertension or liver illnesses. Don't are drinking alcoholic beverages as it might cause interaction and steer clear of smoking when you are using this product because it speeds up the removal of the Theo-24 Sr in the body. Don't use medicines just in case you're pregnant (intend to be pregnant) or breastfeeding a young child. Follow your doctor's instructions concerning the type and quantity of fluids, foods, dietary supplements along with other medicines you're permitted to consider with this particular product. Don't use medicines following the expiration date.
Advisable limitations
Medicines is contraindicated in patients getting displayed a hypersensitive reaction to the component from the product. Avoid taking Theo-24 Cr just in case you're taking medicines targeted to deal with acid reflux and peptic stomach problems (cimetidine) or anticonvulsants utilized in epilepsy treatment (carbamazepine).
Possible side-effect
Severe unwanted effects can include migraines, sleeping disorder (insomnia), uneasyness, emesis, tremors, heart palpitations, epileptic attack (seizure), acrimony and frequent peeing. More gentle unwanted effects include nausea, appetite loss, weight reduction, vertigo, somnolency. This isn't an entire listing of all possible unwanted effects. Others can happen in certain patients there might be some unwanted effects unfamiliar yet. Just in case you've experienced any side-effect unlisted above, immediately inform your physician or local poison center.
Drug interactions
Medicines has the capacity to communicate with a category of anticonvulsants, mood-backing medicines (carbamazepine) accustomed to treat epilepsy and bpd mao inhibitors that behave as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (fluvoxamine) sympatholytic beta-blockers (propranolol) that treat hypertension, stress and anxiety broad-spectrum medications with antibacterial qualities, fungicides, parasiticides (tiabendazole, enoxacin) a category of macrolide anti-biotics (erythromycin) a category of microbial anti-biotics from the rifamycin group (rifampicin) histamine H2-receptor antagonists that hinder producing acidity within the stomach (cimetidine) St. John’s wort.
Skipped dose
Just in case you've skipped your dose, go the moment you remember. If you notice it's close to the time for the following dose, skip using the skipped dose. Never boost the suggested dose. You are able to go ahead and take recommended dose following day when you are utilized to go regularly.
Signs and symptoms of overdose include epileptic attack, uneasyness, emesis, tremors, heart palpitations, insomnia. Epileptic fit triggered by theophylline overdose can even lead to lethal outcome, so immediately speak to your local poison center, inform your physician or pharmacist if you think you've used a lot of medication.
Store the product from sunlight, warmth and moisture at 70 degrees between 59-77 C (or 15-25 F). Don't store it within the bathroom. Bare this product from the achieve of kids and pets.
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