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Indocin is in a group anti-inflammatory drugs that is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by many conditions.

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General information
Indomethacin is within several drugs known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It functions by reducing the body's hormones that create inflammation and discomfort in your body. The medication can be used to deal with discomfort or inflammation triggered by many people conditions.
It might be taken without or with meal. Take medicines having a full glass water. Don't crush, chew, break, or open a long-release capsule. Make use of the dose just as recommended from your physician.
Don't use medicines if you're allergic to indomethacin, or you have past allergic attack to aspirin or any other NSAIDs. Don't consume alcohol and smoking. Adult people should be more responsive to this effects. Inform your physician for those who have Parkinson's disease, kidney or liver disease, high bloodstream pressure or you are pregnancy.
Advisable limitations
Avoid using for those who have a hypersensitive reaction or sensible to hypertension.
Possible side-effect
Lightheadedness, insomnia, urinary retention, bruising, severe tingling, allergy. Inform your physician about any unusual unwanted effects.
Drug interaction
Tell your physician concerning the medicine that you have already taken. Indocin can cooperate with: NSAIDs, medications for discomfort and inflammation which treat or prevent thrombus.
Skipped dose
Skip the skipped dose if it's time for your forthcoming scheduled dose. Don't take extra medicine to from the skipped dose.
Overdose may cause chest discomfort, nausea, irregular heartbeat and fainting. Tell your physician immediately.

Store your medications at 70 degrees between 68-77 levels F (20-25 levels C). Store from moisture and lightweight. Ensure that it stays from the achieve of kids and from pets.