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Lasuna is a pure Garlic extract. It prevents hypercholesterolemia. It helps to support normal cardiovascular and blood platelet functioning; it keeps a stable level of cholesterol and sugar in the body; it hampers cholesterol deposits on the artery walls and as result facilitates smooth coronary function; it is also known for its superpotent antibacterial and antifungal functions.

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General information
Lasuna is really a pure herbal remedy with different plant extract (Garlic clove). Garlic clove is really a potent, broad spectrum product which offers exceptional benefits for your system. It's targeted to avoid hypercholesterolemia. It will help to aid normal cardiovascular and bloodstream platelet functioning it looks after a stable degree of cholesterol and sugar in your body it hampers cholesterol deposits around the artery walls so that as result facilitates smooth coronary function it's also noted for its superpotent antibacterial and antifungal functions.
Take 1 capsule of Lasuna one hour following a meal. Swallow it having a glass of lukewarm water. Take medicines just as your physician has recommended it. You have to carefully follow all directions. Avoid exceeding your dose or using the medication more than it had been advised from your physician.
You will find no known safeguards for using the product.
Advisable limitations
No absolute advisable limitations happen to be indicated. The product consists of natural plant elements getting no chemicals, discoloration agents, drugs or sugar.
Possible side-effect
No unwanted effects are recognized to be created with this medication.
Drug interactions
No drug interactions happen to be recognized. Book together with your physician or pharmacist a listing of other medicines and dietary supplements you might take consentaneously with this particular product.
Skipped dose
For those who have skipped your dose, go as quickly as possible. Just in case it's close to the time for the following dose, avoid using the skipped dose and your regular dosing schedule. Avoid paying a skipped dose if you take an additional one.
Sings of overdose haven’t been recognized. Search for emergency medical assistance immediately if you think overdosing.
Medicines is saved inside a awesome dry place, from sunlight, warmth and moisture. Don't store it within the bathroom. Bare this product from the achieve of kids and pets.
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